Skystone Striking Lampwork Shards 104coe – Seconds


Price is per 1 full ounce (28.3grams) of these 104coe glass shard seconds.

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A unique shard that has several hidden tricks. The shards come as a tan color with a hint of turquoise to them. Once on the bead, get them really hot and they will start to mottle bringing out the gorgeous turquoise, blues, greens, and purples hidden in this mix.

Looking for the regular Skystone shards?

What are seconds – Several times a year I need to clean out the shard bins. Instead of throwing away perfectly usable glass. I offer up these “seconds”. These shards will either be frit-like or really small shards in comparison to my normal products. Same type of product but at a much lower price, and sold in bulk amounts.


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