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Say Hello To My Little Studio

black glass tube bead with feathered middle

Every time we move it seems that my studio gets smaller and smaller. Either that or my glass multiplies in-between our moves.

We moved to a new house about two months ago, a real fixer upper. The basement was a pretty decent size. That is until we filled it with all our boxes. Over the course of the next 3 years we’ll be gutting the whole house and redoing everything. So that means the majority of our things will stay packed during that time. More boxes means less space for me.

This was the mess my soon to be studio space was shortly after we finished moving in. Pretty much the whole basement looked like what you see in the photo with little paths leading to the stairs. I wasn’t quite sure how this was all going to work, but I had to start somewhere so I could get back to work as quickly as possible.

You’re probably thinking “how on earth is this going to get organized!?” I was saying much of the same thing for at least a couple of hours. I figured every good plan has to start somewhere, I just had to find that starting point.

A wave of the magic wand and everything is unpacked and situated where it should be. OK I wish it were that easy! After about a week of sorting everything out, building shelves, and digging through boxes trying to find that one thing I need, I was back in business.

The couple of weeks of forced vacation that I was on was nice but getting back to work in my shiny new studio felt really good.

Not everything is where I want it to be but I can deal with that another day. Firing up the torch again after not being able to melt glass for a while was like eating that favorite food you treat yourself to on a rare occasion.

One of the things I do like about my new studio, even though it’s smaller it has lots of natural light during the day thanks to the huge glass block windows in the basement. So much better than working in a dark dungeon like my last studio setup at the old house.

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